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Handmade medallion of dark clay is used in aromatherapy. People say that essential oils improve mood, mind, strengthen immune system, and even help treat a variety of diseases. Essential oils help to regain physical, mental and spiritual health. They help to treat mental and emotional disorders. When you inhale the oil, it runs directly to the body -  through lungs reach blood stream.
These handmade medallions are made of black ceramic. Lithuania is one of the few corners of the Earth , where black pottery is preserved. They say that black pottery is environmentally friendly .
Ceramics is created by heating clay in a hot oven until moisture evaporates, leaving many small air holes. 


  • As a perfume . Essential oils have a lot of useful features: relax mind and body, can help treat a variety of diseases and strengthens the immune system, improves mood. Aromatic medallions may be worn around the neck or hung in a small room. After the application of your favorite oil on the medallion, you will feel a pleasant aroma. Essential oils should be chosen by the smell and its properties. Medallion worn under clothing, emit the intense smell. 
  • A protection against a variety of insects. A few drops of tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and other essential oils on the medallion deter insects. Also, if you carrying the medallion around the neck is uncomfortable, keep it in your pocket, purse or elsewhere.
  • Perfumed medallions may be kept in the wardrobe because the clothes acquire a pleasant flavor. Lavender essential oil help prevent from moths.
  • Medallions or jugs can be used in cars. Synthetic scents emit harmful substances while natural essential oils provide a pleasant aroma and are beneficial to our health.
  • Essential oils removes unpleasant odors in small rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. For example, rosemary essential oil kills bacteria.
  • Many essential oils tones, improves memory. For example, rosemary essential oil improves memory, pine, lavender, lemon, neroli and other oils reduces stress. Peppermint essential oil stimulates mental sharpness, improve concentration. 
  • Each essential oil has many different features.Some essential oils provides strength, soothe, helps overcome anxiety and fatigue. Mandarin, peppermint , lavender scents will help to sleep, neroli, frankincense, rose, sweet orange aromas will calm down.
  • Bathhouses especially love the eucalyptus or pine essential oils which can be added to jugs or medallions.
  • The article, " Aphrodisiacs - romantic moments " mention essential oils that are considered a natural aphrodisiac, so evaporated scents from the medallions ore jugs can help increase the senses, provide visual appeal.


A 2-3 drops of oil on the jug or medallion will spread the scent for a few days. For a stronger scent and better therapeutic properties - Apply a drop every day. Apply the oils on the flat medallion laid on the table, let the drops to soak.
The oils can be mixed with each other. The blending of essential oils can be found with each essential oil description. If you want use a completely fresh new scent, wait two or three days before the previous essential oil evaporates completely.

These black clay pottery assessories can be beautiful detail for the interior.

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