Vegetable glycerin

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Vegetable Glycerin - is an odorless, colorless liquid made from coconut oil. Glycerin - is a 100 % natural moisturizer that absorbs and retains moisture from the deeper layers of skin. It is suitable for dry or sensitive skin care products to help treat psoriasis, rashes, bedsores.

Glycerin is widely used:
Skin care products and hygiene;
Hair care products;
Various shampoos and cleansing products.
As a substitute for alcohol in vegetable tinctures.

It is recommended to use 1-40 % of glycerin to aqueous phase; for creams, lotions use up to 5%. Also up to 3 % of glycerin can be mixed with hydrolat to enhance hydration. Increased amount of make the product viscous and sticky. It is not recommended to use glycerin for leave-in conditioners because it may have opposite, dryness, effect.

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