Moisturising hand cream

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Our Customers requested a light, easy absorbing hand cream. This hand cream contains organic almond, avocado oils and cocoa butter which moisturize, nourish and soften the skin.  Hand cream for daily treatment quickly absorbs, do not feel greasy because of emulsion consistency. Geranium, Chamomile and Lavender essential oils pleases with gentle aroma.
For those who love to pamper their hands several times a day, we recommend to order hand cream with dispenser. This package will be convenient to carry in a purse; moreover, the cream will be protected from exposure to air, it will stay fresh much longer.
Ingredients: Rose water, organic Sweet Almond oil*, Avocado oil *, Cocoa butter *, vegetable (emulsifying) Wax, Vitamin E *, Chamomile *and other essential oils.
* Organic ingredients

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