Borage oil

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Borago officinalis

Organic, Soil association sertificate

Origin: France


Borage oil is derived from the seeds of the borage. Borage plants have been grown and harvested in the gardens and flower beds not only for its beauty but also because of the useful and healing ingredients in their leaves. Since the ancient Roman times, it was believed that borage oil helps people to feel joy and happiness.

Borage is an annual plant, it is a relatively large as grows to 60 cm. The plant is recognizable from grayish blue bristly hairy stem and leaves and star shaped deep blue flowers.

Borage oil is cold-pressed; approximately 40% of oil is extracted from the seeds. The color of oil is greenish and the flavor gently reminds of hazelnuts. This plant is essentially rich in fatty acids: polyunsaturated poli-acid 60%, of which up to 29% gamma linoleic acid (further -GLA). Borage and primrose oils are the main sources which are rich of GLA.

Borage oil is especially recommended in mature age because after sixty, the body begins to produce considerably less GLA. The daily diet has very low amount of GLA, for this reason the use of borage oil is especially recommended.

Benefit of the borage seed oil:

- Due to high GLA amount, the oil prevents prematurely aging, wrinkles, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
- The anti-inflammatory feature: calms dry and sensitive skin, restores skin balance and elasticity, keeps skin elastic.

- Treats different skin disorders, such as dermatitis, eczema, acne, pimples, it cools and calms the skin.

- Balances the hormones and nerves system, calms sensitive, reddened skin and relieves premenstrual symptoms.
- Borage Oil is recommended for hair scrolling. Improves hair, nails and scalp growth, nourishes it.

Borage oil can be mixed with calendula and coconut oils. The oil is used for massages, hair and body masks.

Attention! Borage oil is sensitive to light and oxidation, so it should be kept in the refrigerator.

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