Helichrysum water (hydrolat)

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Helichrysum italicum

French National Ecological Agriculture biologiques Certificate

Origin: France

Helichrysum water (hydrolat) is obtained by distillation of helichrysum plants. It contains a small amount of helichrysum essential oil and other substances very useful for skin.

Helichrysum has long been considered to be youthful plant. Hydrolat has a subtle flavor and can be used in all types of skin. Helichrysum hydrolat is suitable for all skin types. This water has astringent properties, for this reason, it is suitable for skin with dilated capillaries, helps to reduce swellings, bruising. Helichrysum water helps to regenerate the skin, promotes the formation of new cells, soothes irritated skin.

 Helichrysum water is used before applying the cream or oil; it absorbs better into the skin and the greasy feeling disappears. Hydrolat can be used as a tonic to remove the traces of make-up and to freshen the skin.



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