MONOI oil (gardenias‘s scent)

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MONOI oil (gardenias‘s scent)

MONOI oil moisturizes hair, makes hair shine, reconstructs hair tips, softens the skin, and prevents stretch marks. The oil is suitable for dry, dehydrated skin, hair and perfect for baby’s skin care.

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55 ml./100 ml.

AOC (original certificate of origin)

Origin: Tahiti.


MONOI oil is infused oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias in a semi-wax coconut oil.  This oil is a secret of Polynesian women's beauty. MONOI means "scented oil" in the Maohi language.

The explorer James Cook visited the Polynesian islands on the 18th century and first discovered the MONOI oil which was widely used to treat the natives, during the birth and death rituals, and for skin and hair.

MONOI oil is suitable for dry and dehydrated skin to moisturize it. The MONOI oil should be applied on the body after each bath, swimming pool and sun bathing. The oil resets the balance of the skin, naturally moisturizes it, it become soft and smooth.

MONOI oil is recommended to use during the pregnancy in order to moisten the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Use daily to avoid stretch marks.

Traditionally, MONOI oil has long been used for baby’s skin care. As soon as babies were born, MONOI oil was soiled from head to toe and then a ritual repeated constantly. MONOI naturally moisturizes baby's delicate skin, protects against sunburn, insect bites and other negative environmental impacts.

Polynesian women a have healthy long black hair. MONOI oil softens their hair, moisturizes, gives hair a natural shine, protects against the adverse environmental effects. The oil is used for hair masks; it becomes easy to comb, they are soft and shiny.

MONOI oil in our climate is solid because of wax esters; it becomes liquid at 22 degrees.

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