Cypress essential oil

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Cypress essential oil

Cypress essential oil helps to reduce the dilated veins, capillaries, facial redness, treats acne, reduces cellulite, deodorant, reduces perspiration and odor and protects dogs from fleas.

Data sheet

5 ml

Cupressus sempervirons

Origin: Crete

Cypress essential oil has a woody, slightly spicy, often described as a refreshing masculine scent. The name of Cypress came from the Greek word sempervirens, meaning “everlasting”. The legend tells that the cross on which the Christ was crucified was made of cypress wood; therefore cypress is associated with eternity. Cyprus (Cypress) island is named in honor of the cypresses plant because it is worshiped for centuries.

The benefit and usage of Cypress essential oil:

     -   Cypress essential oil is used in cosmetics because it reduces the dilated veins (apply lightly into skin), intense capillaries, as well as, facial rash, oily skin and acne.

      -    Cypress essential oil reduces the appearance of cellulite.

     -   Regulates menstruation, alleviates pain and slows excessive bleeding; especially useful at the beginning of menopause.

     -    Reduces sweating and an unpleasant odor; recommended for feet. A few drops of oil can be used in the bath to wash feet.

     -  Cypress essential oil protects from insects and protects dogs from fleas.

Cypress essential oil is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Usage: mix 30 ml of face cream with 8-10 drops of cypress oil and apply on face. This cream helps to reduce facial redness, dilated capillaries, balances oily skin and acne. 20 drops of essential oil in the shampoo reduces the occurrence of dandruff. Cypress essential oil can be added to HIDROLATS or flower water: 10 drops of essential oil for 50 ml bottle.

Cypress essential oil is evaporated under bronchitis, asthma and also to soothe mind, get rid of anger.

Blending: Cypress essential oil mixes with bergamot, clary sage, lavender, rosemary, frankincense, juniper, sandalwood and all citrus essential oils.

Effect on emotions Balancing/harmonizing, Soothes/relaxes, Anti-stress
Environmental impact Cleansing/disinfecting, For sauna
For cosmetics & massages Facial cosmetics, Regenerative, For athletes/muscles, joints, For breathing, Anti-inflammatory, Spasmolytic
By age groups For pregnant women, Nursing mothers
Extractable parts of the plant Leaves, Conifers
Certificates Wild plants
Perfume note Heart note
Method of extraction Distillation
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