Carrot seed essential oil

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3 ml

Daucus carota

Origin: France


Essential oil is distilled from the seeds of carrot. It is a whitish yellow in color and has a smell of carrots.

The benefit and usage of Carrot seed essential oil:

-    Moisturizes and tones the skin, reduces dermatitis and eczema. It may be useful in treatment of skin cancer;

-    Essential oil in skin care products: promotes healthy skin and natural tan;

-   Rejuvenates mature skin, reduces wrinkles and age spots formation and have antioxidant properties;

-    Recent studies have shown that carrot seed essential oil is effective in the treatment of some forms of cancer: mouth, throat, stomach, prostate and kidney;


Blending: Carrot seed essential oil is mixed with bergamot, lavender, lemon, lime, juniper, orange, avocado, pine and geranium essential oils.

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