Rosemary essential oil (organic)

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Rosemary essential oil (organic)

Rosemary essential oil strengthens hair follicle, increases hair growth, helps to heal eczema, dermatitis, skin lesions and skin impurities, antiseptic, used to treat respiratory tract diseases, purifies the air, reduces muscle pain, improves memory.

Data sheet

Rosmarinus officinalis

Organic, Soil association sertificate

Origin: Spain

Rosemary grows naturally in the whole Europe but the most common near the sea. The name of the plant consists of two Latin words ros and marinus meaning "A tear of the sea".

It is believed that rosemary was first produced in England in the XIV century. Its memory enhancing properties even come from ancient Greece, where students wore wreaths from rosemary and believed that it would help during exams. Green sprigs of rosemary were burned instead of incense at Ancient Greek temples. The Romans also considered these plants sacred. Rosemary was burned in order to clean indoor air after the visit of sick people. Since ancient times, rosemary symbolized love, fidelity, friendship and has long been used during both birth and funeral ceremonies. It is one of the first plants brought into medicine.

The benefit and use of rosemary essential oil:

  •  It relaxes muscles and reduces their pain. It is a good analgesic without sedation.
  • Widely used in hair care. Rosemary essential oil has a positive influence for hair follicle; hair grows healthier and longer. It is believed that the use of rosemary reduces hair loss, early graying, moist scalp, and decrease or completely disappear dandruff;
  • Rosemary oil helps to treat eczema, dermatitis, skin lesions and oily skin.
  • This essential oil is widely used in cases of cold, upper respiratory tract diseases. Rosemary essential oil has antibacterial, antiseptic properties, it helps to improve breathing, stimulates an expectorant. Also cleans the air during the outbreak.
  • Rosemary essential oil can be mixed with eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils. It strengthens the immune system, helps to treat asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, whooping cough and colds.
  • Disinfectant: naturally remove bad breath;
  • Air freshener: neutralizes bacteria;
  • The oil stimulates the central nervous system and brain function, improves memory. The research of Harvard University has shown that aroma of rosemary helps to concentrate, remember details, so students who evaporated rosemary essential oil, passed the exams better and got better test scores;
  • Aromatic baths with rosemary oil rejuvenates and improves skin, stimulates cell renewal, slag removal from the body and relieves muscle and menstrual pain. However, the essential oil should be diluted with a small amount of base oil to avoid skin irritation;
  • Rosemary is called "heart herb": improves blood circulation and strengthens heart muscle. Rosemary Essential Oil tones the muscles of the vein wall, suppresses inflammation of varicose veins and phlebitis. However, this essential oil is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.
  • The oil is recommended in case of painful menstruation, menstrual disorder, migraine, headache, dizziness and neuralgia;
  • Helps to treat gall stones, colitis, constipation, gastroenteritis, normalizes the digestive tract and gas accumulation. It is believed that the oil promotes dissolution of gall stones and sand removal; also it removes toxins from the tissues, reduces fluid retention and helps against cellulite.

Inhalations: Apply 2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil to a bowl of hot water, cover yourself and a bowl with a towel and breathe deeply about 5-7 min., keep the eyes closed.

Evaporation: Heat some water with a candle, add 2-3 drops of essential oil and evaporate where a sick person is. The process relieves breathing, disinfect the rooms and the patient will soon recover.

Cosmetics: Rosemary oil is recommended for skin care and strengthens the hair. Add 4-5 drops for body or hair care products.

Rosemary essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women, children up to six years and for people suffering from epilepsy, high blood pressure.

Blending: Rosemary essential oil blends with peppermint, bergamot, lavender, basil, lemon, eucalyptus and clary sage essential oils.

Effect on emotions Provide energy, For concentration, Anti-stress
Environmental impact Cleansing/disinfecting, For sauna, Anti-virus, For plant care
For cosmetics & massages Facial cosmetics, For hair, For athletes/muscles, joints, For breathing, Spasmolytic
By age groups Nursing mothers, For children 2-5 years
Extractable parts of the plant Herbal
Suitable for animals For dogs
Certificates Organic, COSMOS
Method of extraction Distillation
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