Neroli water (Orange flower)

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50 ml./100 ml.

Citrus aurantum


 Hydrolat can be used as a tonic to remove the traces of make-up and to freshen the skin.

Neroli water is 100% natural and is produced from orange tree flower through the distillation process. The neroli water is astringent so it is particularly suitable for delicate, sensitive, combined, problematic facial skin but is not recommended for dry skin. Neroli water should be mixed with rose, lavender or chamomile water before the use on the dry skin. Hydrolat is well-known for soothing effect and relieving stress. It may be used to calm down the hyperactive or troubled children.

Neroli water is sprayed on the face before applying the cream, or at any time - to revitalize the skin. It can be used as a fragrance because of its wonderful scent.

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