Lavender water - hydrosol (organic)


Lavender water - hydrosol (organic)

Lavender water antiseptic and soothing, helps to heal wounds, used after-shave, cleans and tones the skin, sooths, relieves stress, helps to relax. It is a universal tonic, suitable for both dry and oily, sensitive or mature skin.

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Data sheet

Lavendula angustifolia

Origin: Bulgaria

Organic, USDA sertificate

Hydrolat can be used as a tonic to remove the traces of make-up and to freshen the skin.

Lavender water is the most popular hydrolat; it is extracted through the distillation process of lavenders (Latin: angustifolia lavendula).

The lavender was known for over the centuries for its healing properties and aroma. The ancient Egyptians used lavender oil for perfumery and mummification. In the times of Queen Elizabeth's, lavenders were widely used for household linen, scent the rooms and poured into large tubs of water. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse – the father of Modern aromatherapy, an alchemist discovered the healing properties of lavender when he completely healed the burned hand with lavender essential oil.


The benefits of the lavender water:
• Lavender water is antiseptic and soothing.
• Helps to treat wounds; for this reason the water is used in the cosmetics, in the after-shave, cleanse and tone the skin products.
• Soothes, relieves stress and helps to relax;
• Lavender water can be used as a universal toner, suitable for both dry and oily, sensitive or mature skin.
• Hydrolat can be used several times a day and at any time, especially during the summer. Spray the face and neck, leave to dry naturally.
• It can be used for hair. Rinse into the hair – it makes them shine.

Lavender water can be sprayed to revitalize the skin, as well as before applying the cream.

Certificates Organic, COSMOS
Method of extraction Distillation
Size 100
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