Green cosmetic clay

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Origin: France

Green clay (French) – pure natural unprocessed sea clay. It is the most valuable cosmetic clay in the beauty industry. Green clay is a natural source of the following useful elements: mineral oxides, calcium, magnesium, silicon, manganese, selenium and other.

Green clay perfectly and better than other clays cleans skin impurities, dust, grease, pollution and makeup residue. It promotes blood flow (after the clay masks, the skin might be red), for this reason best cleanses skin cells, rejuvenates the skin, returns its firmness and elasticity. However, due to its heavy exposure is not recommended for sensitive skin.

The use of Green clay

Green clay is best for face masks and recommended at least once a week. The mask is made by approximately equal proportions of green clay and any flower (or simple water. If the skin is very dry, the mask can be enriched with a spoon of base oil (rosehip, jojoba or other oils).

Pure green clay can be kept 4 years. The clay is truly green in color; the more it leans toward gray-green, the less valuable it is deemed.

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