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Ghassoul clay meal

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2,30 €

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Origin: Morocco

Ghassoul or Rhassoul clay is a 100% natural mineral extracted from under the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The most luxurious, high-quality clay is often used in spa treatment. It is the most universal in its consistency, so it is used not only for body masks but also as a natural facial cleanser and even hair.

Ghassoul clay for more than 1400 years is used as soap, facial cleanser, shampoo, hair conditioner and in other body skin care product in the world's luxurious spa salons. Now, this particular clay can be tested at home.

Ghassoul clay on skin has been thoroughly studied and the results were published in 1985 in Paris at the conference of French National Institute of phytotherapy. The results showed that Ghassoul clay is rich in silicon, magnesium, calcium and sodium – the elements necessary for skin. In addition, the research has proved the undeniable benefits of Ghassoul clay to health. It moisturizes skin and hair, removes dirt, cleans and brightens it, improves elasticity, removes excess of sebum and dead cells, as a result, the skin is rapidly renewed.

The use of Ghassoul clay

Mix the Ghassoul clay with floral or simple water to the sort of sweet paste (a slurry). If the skin or hair is very dry, it is recommended to add additional vegetable oil - jojoba oil (jojoba), sweet almond, avocado or argan oil. Apply the mud to wet hair from root to tip, massage, leave for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with ecological shampoo. Ghassoul leaves hair soft and shiny.
The same clay paste can be applied to the face, leave for 10-15 minutes and then massaging in a circular motion wash the skin.

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