Juniper essential oil

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Juniper essential oil

Juniper essential oil treats acne, eczema, oily, inflammatory skin with open pores, strengthens the skin's defensive function, effectively helps to treat cellulite, helps to eliminate dandruff and stop hair loss and breakage, has antiseptic, anti-toxins, antispasmodic, stimulant, toning properties.

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3 ml.


Juniperus communis

Origin: Macedonia


Juniper essential oil has antiseptic, sudorific, anti-rheumatic, depurative, antispasmodic, stimulant, stomachic, astringent, carminative, diuretic, wound healing and tonic properties. It was believed that this essential oil can cure almost all diseases.

Juniper belongs to conifer cypress family. The best essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of juniper berries. Therapeutic effect is less effective when the oil is produced from fruits and twigs. The color of the oil varies from colorless to pale yellow or greenish and it is very liquid. The scent is similar to turpentine. It is very suitable for disinfection of homes, especially during epidemics. A few drops of oil can be poured into the water to wash the floor or simply evaporate. Juniper oil can be blended with citrus essential oils.

The benefit of juniper essential oil for health:

Juniper essential oil was used to treat wounded during the wars or in sports. The oil effectively protects wounds from infections and tetanus.

Used in cosmetics: Treats acne, eczema, oily, inflammatory skin with open pores, destroys dandruff, strengthens the skin's defensive function and effectively helps treat cellulite. A bath with a few drops of juniper oil might release tension and calm down. Fast relaxation can be achieved if a few drops are applied on the entire length of the hand.

Anti-rheumatic: Well-stimulates and improves circulation. It helps to remove toxins, such as uric acid. Therefore, these features help to protect against rheumatism, arthritis, gout and other diseases associated with poor circulation and accumulation of toxins in the body. The oil also reduces swelling.

Antispasmodic: Effective for treatment almost all types of spasms: muscle, intestinal, and respiratory or others. It relaxes muscle spasms and helps to cure spasmodic cholera. Have warming effect.

Astringent: Treats dental pain, strengthens the gums and teeth from falling out, strengthens the relaxed muscles. The oil can help to cure diarrhea or reduce bleeding.

Hair: prevents hair loss, brittleness.

Carminative: Helps eliminate intestinal gas. Gas, rising to the top of the gut, can be dangerous and cause chest pain, stomach upset and anxiety; high blood pressure can damage heart and cause sharp stomach pains. Therefore, juniper essential oil is beneficial for those suffering from chronic gas trouble.

Diuretic: Removes excess water and toxins from the body. Useful for men with enlarged prostate because it does not accumulate urine.

Depurative: Cleanses the blood of toxins, such as uric acid, heavy metals, pollutants and certain combinations of hormones produced by the organism, and the others accidentally caught in the bloodstream of toxins. The oil helps to remove kidney stones.

Promoting blood circulation: When applied on skin, increases blood circulation that the skin starts looking red but it is healthy for it. Oil also causes an increase of menstruation; for this reason, bath or abdominal massage might stimulate and treat late menstruation.

Sudorific: Controls sweating because eliminates toxins, excess water and salt from body. Actually a good sweating cleanses the skin pores, open and sweat glands, destroys acne and other skin diseases.

Stimulant: Juniper stimulates body and therefore helps to overcome fatigue, dizziness and depression. Also activates neurons in the brain and nervous system, secretion of endocrine and exocrine glands, which include milk, sebum, sweat, tears, urine output stimulating the digestive and excretory systems.

Stomachic: Improves digestion, helps heal ulcers and stomach disorders, provides good bile, gastric juices and stomach acid flow; therefore, it controls excess of stomach acid.

Tonic: This essential oil strengthens everything, including muscles, tissues, skin, as well as the different systems which function in the body: respiratory, circulating, nervous, digestive and excretory. This feature helps to keep well-being and enhance health.

Therapeutic: Helps to heal wounds much faster and prevents infections. Useful for internal wounds, incisions and ulcers treatment.

Other benefits: Disinfect the air, helps to treat inflammations, urinary tract infections. Also deterred mites and fleas, makes it suitable for domestic animals.


Juniper essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy. Also, it should be used in small quantities and diluted with base oil.

Blending: Juniper essential oil is mixed with bergamot, cedar, cypress, grapefruit, geranium, lavender, lime, lemon, lemongrass and vetiver essential oils.


Effect on emotions Balancing/harmonizing, Provide energy, For concentration
Environmental impact Cleansing/disinfecting, For sauna, To repel insects
For cosmetics & massages Facial cosmetics, For digestion
Extractable parts of the plant Fruit, berry
Suitable for animals For dogs, For cats
Certificates Non-organic
Perfume note Top note
Method of extraction Distillation
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