Rosemary water (hydrolat)

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Rosmarinus officinalis

French National Ecological Agriculture biologiques Certificate

Origin: France

Rosemary water (hydrolat) is obtained by steam distillation of rosemary. Rosemary hydrolat is used for oily, combined, spotted skin. Water cleanses tones and softens the skin, removes dirt. It shrinks and cleanses pores, controls sebum. Hydrolat has antioxidant properties which help to tone and regenerate the skin, promote the formation of new cells; therefore, it is suitable for aging skin care. Rosemary water is recommended for adolescents with acne damaged skin. Hydrolat can be mixed with clay to make a mask for oily, impure and combined skin.

Rosemary water strengthens hair, promotes their growth and removes dandruff. Rosemary water is used before applying the cream or oil; it absorbs better into the skin and the greasy feeling disappears. Hydrolat can be used as a tonic to remove the traces of make-up and to freshen the skin.

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