Mango butter

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Mango butter

Mango butter restores skin’s elasticity, stimulates cell renewal, significantly reduces the amount of wrinkles, protects from UV rays and heal burned skin, moisturizes dry skin, heals rashes, frostbitten skin, insect bites and relieves itching.

Data sheet

50 ml.

Magnifera indica.


Mango butter is extracted from mango kernels and is almost scentless. Nevertheless, the mango butter is an indispensable ingredient for natural skin moisturizing cosmetic products.

The natives from tropical areas discovered the skin-softening, moisturizing and protecting features of mango butter. Mango butter restores skin elasticity and stimulates cell renewal. Also it has a natural protection from UV rays. In addition, the butter significantly reduces the amount of wrinkles (using a daily skin care for 4-6 weeks).

The benefit of Mango butter:

-         Effectively moisturizes dry skin;

-         Treats rashes;

-         After sunburn, the butter minimizes the peeling of the skin, heal burns;

-         Effectively reduces wrinkles;

-         Relieves itching;

-         Treats minor skin injuries;

-         After frostbite, helps to restore the skin;

-         During pregnancy prevents the appearance of stretch marks;

-         Heals insect bites;

-         Promotes healthy skin cell growth and regeneration;

-         Reduces muscle pain and relieves tension.

size 60 ml.
Certificates Non-organic
Method of extraction Expeller pressed (mechaninė ekstrakcija)
Kilmės šalis India
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