Sweet orange essential oil

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Sweet orange essential oil

Sweet orange essential oil detoxifies, strengthens immune system, tones the entire body, improves metabolism, smooth and refreshes the skin, helps to cure acne and dermatitis; anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, treats cuts, wounds, abrasions, disinfects, improves mood.

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Data sheet

5 ml.

Citrus sinensis

Organic, Soil aasociation sertificate

Origin: Costa Rica

Orange essential oil is obtained from the peels of orange.

This essential oil is made from sweet orange, although the essential oil can be extracted from bitter orange. The oil from sweet orange is a bit sharper than the oil extracted from bitter orange. Essential oil is rich golden yellow and smells like orange peel. Its properties are very similar to the neroli essential oil which is extracted from lemon leaves.

Sweet orange essential oil has anti-inflammatory, calming, relieving spasms and pain, antiseptic, stimulating sexual activity, carminative, diuretic, tonic properties and helps with nausea. The oil acts as an antidepressant, stimulates digestion, normalizes intestinal activity and helps with constipation.

Orange essential oil is widely used in domestic, industry and medicine. Orange fragrance is often added to drinks, desserts and sweets, also soaps, body lotions, creams, wrinkle lifting products, air fresheners, deodorants, food and so on.

The benefit of sweet orange essential oil for health:

Skin Care: Orange essential oil has detoxifying properties. It strengthens the immune system. Also it helps to keep healthy, smooth and radiant skin and cures acne and dermatitis.

Anti-inflammatory: Helps quickly reduce internal or external inflammations caused by any reason, such as toxic substances, drugs, antibiotics, gas and ingestion of toxic substances, infection or fever.

Antidepressants: The orange essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy because the scent itself reminds of happy moments and keeps up the mood. A few drops in the bath calms body and soul.

Antispasmodic: Spasms can cause a lot of problems such as continuous cough, convulsions, muscle spasms and chronic diarrhea. Orange essential oil might help to avoid these consequences because it relaxes the muscles and soothes the nervous spasms.

Aphrodisiac: Gently encourages sexual activity. Systematic and regular use can cure frigidity, erectile dysfunction, impotence and feelings of coldness.

Antiseptic: Helps treat cuts or abrasions, wounds, protects against bacterial infections and tetanus, disinfect wounds.

Carminative: Helps to eliminate intestinal gas, relaxes abdominal and anal muscles, helps removing of gases and prevents the formation of new ones.

Diuretic: Removes toxins from the body (uric acid, bile salts, extra water and pollutants) with urine. Increased urination promotes appetite and improves digestion. It contributes towards losing fats and is good for the heart too.

Tonic: Enhances each system functioning in the body, improves metabolism, provides energy and enhances immunity.

Sedative: Reduces inflammation, helps to relax and calm down. Synthetic sedative drugs contain drugs, eventually causing severe damage to the heart and internal organs. Therefore, it is better to use natural medicine, such as, orange essential oil. It gives relief from anxiety, anger, depression and inflammations.

Other benefits: Stimulates the exocrine and endocrine gland secretion, promotes menstruation, milk appearance in breasts, digestive juices, bile acids, formation of hormones and enzymes.

Blending: Sweet orange essential oil blends with other citrus essential oils, cinnamon, cloves, frankincense, ginger, black pepper, sandalwood and vetiver essential oils.

Effect on emotions Soothes/relaxes, For better sleep, For a better mood
Environmental impact Cleansing/disinfecting, Anti-virus, For plant care
For cosmetics & massages Anti-cellulite, For digestion
By age groups For pregnant women, For children 2-5 years
Extractable parts of the plant Citrus (peel)
Suitable for animals For dogs, TOP-20 for animals
Certificates Non-organic, Kosher and HALAL certified
Perfume note Top note
Method of extraction Cold pressed, unrefined
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